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Why is SUNSTONE RTLS unique?

Why is SUNSTONE RTLS unique?

SUNSTONE RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) provides online tracking of active devices called tags. Similar to GPS’s satellites we use anchors as reference nodes for the positioning. These anchors are installed on walls, ceiling, cable trays, etc. Like the satellites they need power, time synchronization that is addressed by a proprietary wired interface to the central unit. With SUNSTONE RTLS tracking of thousands of tags at ten thousands of square meters of area are practically achievable.

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With Sunstone RTLS Evaluation kit you can enable indoor positioning in a few hundred m2 area in less than an hour.
– No PC software installation required
– Can track hundreds of tags (5 tags in kit)
– 3 months free Cloud subscription and support

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Sunstone Cloud

Sunstone Cloud infrastructure based on Amazon AWS matches your exact requirements. Subscriptions available from calculating 50 updates/sec up to thousands.
Real time and historical position data accessible via a REST interface.

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OMTLAB Ltd. the creator of Sunstone RTLS provides installation and engineering services in connection with Sunstone RTLS.
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