Support a safe return to work in manufacturing through accurate indoor localisation technology to ensure employee social distancing

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Employee social distancing


Utilise indoor employee tracking and product tracking data to better understand the movements of your team and rethink workflows to minimise the risk of contact. Identify and fix contact hotspots easily with precise sensor data.

Employee social distancing
Remote optimisation

Remote optimisation

Gain meaningful insight and actionable data without entering the shop floor: track employees, tools and products remotely on an open-source map to ensure operational efficiency while maintaining a safe distance.

Support your social distancing efforts
  • Monitor product and asset movements remotely
  • Collect actionable data to support for employee safety
  • Benchmark improvements and share results with your team
  • Use data to ensure compliance with regulations and industry guidelines
UWB enables long-term optimisation
  • Indoor localisation supports optimisation of manufacturing
  • Industrial-grade tracking for any production environment
  • Future-proof your shop floor to overtake your competition
  • Leverage precise location data from your shopfloor to accelerate you digital transformation

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