Location Infrastructure

Sunstone RTLS has been designed to be a platform for real-time indoor localization and industrial grade wireless communication that uses ultra wide band (UWB) wireless technology. It provides a solid base for industrial tracking, data acquisition and controlling applications.

How it works?

Sunstone RTLS can provide real time position information of small battery powered radio transmitters, called tags. A tag’s position is calculated from high precision time of flight measurement of UWB radio signals. This measurement is done by radio receivers called Anchors that are placed on walls and ceilings of the targeted area.

You will also need a concentrator device called a Central Unit for every 8 Anchors that is capable of powering and managing them. Time and sensor measurement data is then sent to server computer that calculates the position information and provides various options with it, like trigger events, analytics and historical data through a REST API.

High Accuracy
Based on our experience in radio frequency and software engineering, our developed hardware and software solutions are unique in the RTLS industry. Due to this technological advantage we are able to provide cutting edge performance (10-50 cm accuracy) in harsh industrial environments.
Low Power Tags
Battery powered tags can be as small as 4x4x2 cm, and with standard usage, it will require recharging via MicroUSB or Qi wireless charger in every 3-4 months.
Fast Response Time
Our position calculation uses a custom algorithm that is based on a unique mixture of analytical and numerical methods. The location of each tag is calculated with a total processing time of a few hundred milliseconds, that enables very fast controlling responses based on the location.
Long Range
We are able to reach more than 100 m range in line of site. With this range a 2000-3000 m2 area (referred as a zone) can be covered by Sunstone RTLS using only a single Central Unit.
Tracking Dozens of Tags
The system is designed in a way to be able to track very high number of tags (up to thousands) in a single zone and to be able to manage multiple zones in a single system.
Robust Connectivity
Sunstone RTLS infrastructure can also be used as high availability wireless network. We provide hardware for wireless linking USB/RS-232/RS-485 connections via our network.
The system is designed from the beginning to be as highly customizable as possible: the customer can choose a parameter that is important for the specific application such as high accuracy, simple-fast installation, high number of tags, low power or long range – and we will configure the system thus the customer will have the optimum solution.
Easy Installation
The Wall Units are connected to the Central Unit via Ethernet cable in order to distribute synchronization signals, communicate and power the nodes via our custom protocol. If the cabling is installed, the system can be set up in less then an hour.