How to start?

  • Factory visit

    All projects start with a factory visit, where our industry 4.0 experts will visit your factory shopfloor and your warehouse. They will ask about your production and logistics processes in order to get a complete view of the benefits having an RTLS system.

    Timing: It usually lasts 2-3 hours and will take place in 3-4 weeks from request.

  • Identify use-cases

    You will receive a detailed proposal of implementing multiple use-cases with Sunstone RTLS. Also we will suggest you to start with the one that has the most benefits and is the fastest to implement. Our sales team then will help you find the best way to start that fits in your timing and budget.

    Timing: We provide you with the proposed use-cases in 2 weeks.

  • Pilot proposal

    At this point your path to create indoor localization based Industry 4.0 solutions is clear. After discussing all the details of implementing your first RTLS use-case you will receive a detailed proposal where we describe your first Sunstone RTLS pilot project.
    This is the point where your decision is required to continue to sign a contract for installing the system, implementing the use-case and ordering support.

    Timing: You will receive the pilot proposal in 2-3 weeks.

  • System installation

    First the cabling is set up and the anchors are installed according to the plans in the proposal. This can be done by you or by our subcontractor. If you require on premises software backend installation then we also deploy a server computer. (this is not required for the cloud installation). Once all hardware is in place, we measure the positions of the anchors with millimeter precision, and configure the system. Tracking tags with submeter precision is now possible! Your factory now has made a huge step towards Industry 4.0!

    Timing: We install the system in 2 weeks.

  • Continuous improvement

    Once the pilot is running you will see Sunstone RTLS creates new dimensions in the way how you address your logistics and production processes. So it is time to continue your Industry 4.0 transformation! The fast ROI and the already identified use-cases speeds up this process, thus once Sunstone RTLS is installed you can create new location based solutions in no-time.