Fleet tracking


Forklifts, pallet trucks, stacker trucks are all important items in warehouses and in the intralogistics processes of a factory. Warehouse efficiency is largely dependent on the movement of these devices. In manufacturing, intralogistics efficiency severely affects the overall production KPIs. In order to get an accurate picture of the intralogistic processes it is mandatory to track all the transportation devices involved.

With the advent of integrated Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio technology it is now possible to track these logistic items with submeter accuracy. This accuracy also opens the door for a number of important applications that are based on the transportation device’s real time location.

Basic concept

Our positioning algorithms are resigned to handle multiple tags at fixed positions. This way by placing two tags on the forklift enables even more robust localization, as the measurements from the two tags are handled together.

Tracking logistical transport vehicles (mainly forklift, trolley) in warehouses and halls, makes the following reports available:

  • Analyzing movements: vehicle routes, time spent in specific areas, speed.
  • Optimal route planning with an interactive display
  • Provides data for predictive maintenance
  • Forklift OEE (Overall equipment effectiveness) calculation