Inbound and outbound logistics


Your company may work different supply-chain partners on inbound and outbound logistics. The inbound side is more to deal with the relationship between each company and its suppliers, while the outbound side is more to deal with how companies get products to their customers.

If an inventory is not initially received and reported accurately during these processes, it becomes nearly impossible to maintain an accurate system or record. This affects all aspects of logistics services and the supply chain. Also, if the outbound process does not operate correctly, shipments may be incomplete, arrive late or sent to the wrong recipient.

For this reason, you should figure out how to monitor all of your in- and outbound processes.


The full traceability of inbound and outbound processes can be monitored with Sunstone RTLS. Two options are available:

  1. Direct tracking: in this case, all of the pallet or package needs a Sunstone TAG, and the system tracks all of the motions and reporting this status changes to the ERP system (like SAP, QAD, etc.)
  2. Indirect tracking: in this case, only the forklifts (or any other logistic vehicles) need a Sunstone TAG, and the system deduces the material/product motion and send a report to the ERP.